Meet Carl Lewis

If you’re “from around here” (meaning Villa Rica, Georgia) you know Carl Lewis. If not, please allow me the pleasure of introducing you to him. My introduction will be, in part, quoted from a 2008 newspaper article written when the Pine Mountain Gold Museum was first opened and Carl was 64 years old. Carl retired as the Historical Preservation Coordinator of the museum this year of 2019. Continue reading “Meet Carl Lewis”

Take a Moonlight Ride with Mr. Mac and the Flying S Saddle Club in 1952

This is the story of the Flying S Saddle Club at its beginning in the Spring of 1952, as written for the Atlanta Journal Constitution, December 7, 1952, by Olive Ann Burns, famous author, who at the time was a staff writer.

On a horse hike, the Flying S Saddle Club looks like the original sheriff’s posse out for a shoot’m up.

Though not a posse, the club IS headed by a sheriff-big Mac Abercrombie of Douglas County, Georgia. He rides a giant gray named Prince, a horse so tall that anybody shorter than Mr. Abercrombie needs an elevator to mount. Prince can close a car door with his nose and will chase anything that runs-cow or man. Continue reading “Take a Moonlight Ride with Mr. Mac and the Flying S Saddle Club in 1952”